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APG Serbia and Western Balkans (Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is part of the global APG Network with over 1500 experts worldwide, dedicated to the Airline service with over 100 offices covering over 170 countries. Specializing in GSA airline representation , IET solutions, BSP, ARC & TCH support services & NDC distribution and partnering with over 200 valued airline clients.

Ivan Marković, General Manager

Connecting the skies of Serbia & Western Balkans.

Ivan has over 20 years experience with airlines and travel industry: General management, sales and marketing,international relations & operations. 

Total Staff: 07

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Age structure

0-14 years: 15.1%
15-64 years: 68.5%
65 years and over: 16.5% 

GDP (purchasing power parity)

billion dolars

GDP (composition by sector)

agriculture: 12.6%
industry: 21.9%
services: 65.5% 

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