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    Molimo vas odaberite zemlju u kojoj tiketirate kako bi ste proverili mogućnost tiketiranja.

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      June 25, 2018

      Specijalne cene sa Bulgaria Air !

      Lisabon od 109 € u jednom smeru / 199 € povratna U cenu su uracunati: Aerodromske takse Rucni prtljag do 10kg Predati prtljag do 23kg

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      May 10, 2018

      AIR ALGERIE is now live on GP

      APG Airlines – GP has a new IET agreement with AH – Air Algerie! Air Algerie is the flag carrier of Algeria and is based in Algiers. It operates scheduled flights to +70 destinations and serves mainly Europe (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria) but also North Western Africa (Senegal, Burkina, Ivory Coast, Mauritania) and [...]

    • volotel-a
      May 9, 2018


      VOLOTEA is now live on GP APG Airlines – GP has a new IET agreement with V7 – Volotea! Volotea is a Spanish airlines with its headquarters at Asturias Airport, Castrillón, Spain. It operates schedules flights domestically and regionally to the EU: Greece, France, Italy Today, the APG IET platform has 66 airlines partners which [...]

    • corsair-international-logo
      April 11, 2018


      VIDEO BUSINESS 300817 30S

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    Below are the some of our client airlines:

    • Helicopter airline founded in 1976 on YO 747 IATA code,
    • Leader in helicopter transportation,
    • More than 35 year of experience in the French Riviera and the south of Europe,
    • Around 80.000 passengers per year,
    • Heli Air Monaco :  The only schedule flight between Nice and Monaco,
    • Direct  connection from all flight arrivals at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport,
    • Check & Fly service from and to Monaco:  Direct check in to the final destination( passengers+ luggage).

    APG IET is an interline e-ticketing platform that allows travel agents to issue tickets on numerous airlines using one validating code YO-747

    • Why use APG IET?

    - Acces to over 70 airlines which participate in the program can be ticketed on YO

    - Ability to ticket YO with any GDS

    - Ticket airlines that may not display in your GDS (Member or not member of your local BSP)

    - All major Credit Cards & UATP are accepted (according to your market)

    - No fees or enrollment, APG IET is accessible to any travel agent with access to a GDS system