Topas Tiketing Upustva

February 21, 2013

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YO-747 Interline E-Ticketing airline partners?

You can verify YO’s IET partners with the following entry:    TVT-INT*YO

 You can use YO-747 Interline E-Ticketing for:

  • Second party ticketing (ticketing of one of YO’s IET airline partners not member of your local BSP/ARC)
  •  Third party ticketing (combinations of the flights of 2 or more of YO’s IET airline partners)

How to price the PNR?

YO-747 interline e-tickets can be issued and priced with the Published fares of the operating carrier.

 You have to inform Topas that you want to price with YO as validating carrier.

Kindly verify if the fare can be issued on an interline e-ticket in the sales restrictions of the fare rules.


How to issue a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

YO-747 interline e-tickets can be issued without any YO legs in the PNR.

 Check list before issuance of a YO interline e-ticket:

-  All flights are available for electronic ticketing (“E” indicator)

-  All segments are confirmed (HK)

-  All special requests are confirmed (HK). If not, you need to contact the operating carrier.
To issue the YO-747 interline e-ticket:

  • Form of payement : MS/N

You can verify YO’s Credit Card policy per BSP/ARC on

  • You issue with YO as the validating carrier: EE/YO
  • The ticket is issued, do not forget to send the itinerary receipt to your passenger.


How to reissue a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

  • Voluntary reissue: You should apply the fare rules according to the GDS. If penalties apply, please include these in the YO-747 interline e-ticket under the code “XP”.


  • Involuntary reissue:  The general fare rules do not apply. If the operating carrier has protected the passenger, you can reissue the ticket on the same flight or you can choose a new flight on the same date (same carrier, class and route). In the endorsement box you can specify “INVOLUNTARY REROUTE”.


How to refund a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

  •  In case of a voluntary refund, the general fare rules of the operating carrier will apply.
  • You can do an automatic refund via GDS or fill out a refund application via the BSPlink.


You are welcome to contact your local help desk (please visit for contact details) or to email/phone our central Help Desk in France:

Phone: +33 1 53 77 13 25