Amadeus Tiketing upustva

February 20, 2013

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YO-747 Interline E-Ticketing airline partners?

You can verify YO’s IET partners with the following entry:    TGAD-YO

You can also verify according to your country (refer to the YO paragraph):

TGGSD- country code/YO (for example: TGGSD-FR/YO)


How to price the PNR?

You can use YO-747 Interline E-Ticketing for:

  • Second party ticketing (ticketing of one of YO’s IET airline partners not member of your local BSP/ARC)
  •  Third party ticketing (combinations of the flights of 2 or more of YO’s IET airline partners)

YO-747 interline e-tickets can be issued and priced with the Published fares of the operating carrier.

You have to inform Amadeus that you want to price with YO as validating carrier:          FXP/R,VC-YO


How to issue a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

Kindly verify if the fare can be issued on an interline e-ticket in the sales restrictions of the fare rules. YO-747 interline e-tickets can be issued without any YO legs in the PNR.

 Check list before issuance of a YO interline e-ticket:

-  All flights are available for electronic ticketing (“E” indicator)

-  All segments are confirmed (HK)

-  All special requests are confirmed (HK). If not, you need to contact the operating carrier.

To issue the YO-747 interline e-ticket:

  • Form of payement : FP

You can verify YO’s Credit Card policy per BSP/ARC on

  • Confirm validating carrier : FVYO
  • To issue: TTP/ET
  • The ticket is issued, do not forget to send the itinerary receipt to your passenger : ITR-EMLA (by e-mail)


How to reissue a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

  • Voluntary reissue: You should apply the fare rules according to the GDS. If penalties apply, please include these in the YO-747 interline e-ticket under the code “XP”.
  • Involuntary reissue:  The general fare rules do not apply. If the operating carrier has protected the passenger, you can reissue the ticket on the same flight or you can choose a new flight on the same date (same carrier, class and route). In the endorsement box you can specify “INVOLUNTARY REROUTE”.


How to refund a YO-747 Interline E-Ticket?

  •  In case of a voluntary refund, the general fare rules of the operating carrier will apply.
  • You can do an automatic refund via GDS or fill out a refund application via the BSPlink.



You are welcome to contact your local help desk (please visit for contact details) or to email/phone our central Help Desk in France:

Phone: +33 1 53 77 13 25